Opening Day September 28, 2019!!!

Patch Prices

    Pumpkins                       $.40 per pound

Gourds.                               $.50-$3.00 

Indian Corn                     $1.00 per ear 

                 Patch Hours

Monday-Friday                 1-6pm
Saturday                          10am-6pm

Closed on Sundays

Maze Prices

Agrifact Maze        $2.00  


Agrifact Maze Hours: 

Monday-Friday                     1-10pm
Saturday                         10am-10pm
Closed on Sundays

Big Cornmaze                $6.00

           Big Cornmaze Hours:

Monday- Friday                    1-10pm     Saturday                          10am-10pm   
Closed on Sundays


Haunt Prices

Haunta Phobia          $15.00

*Haunt Nights: ALL Saturday Nights in October and Halloween Night!!!                                           

                Haunt Hours:




Train Ticket Prices

One Ride                            $2.00

                  Train Hours:

Monday-Friday                 1-6pm
Saturday                        10am-6pm 

Closed on Sundays

Game Zone

Game Zone               $2.00 per person

Family Pass                   $10.00

          Game Zone Hours:   

Monday-Friday                1-6pm           Saturday                        10am-6pm 

Closed on Sundays                                    

* We accept Cash and Debit/ Credit Cards!! $1.00 Fee will be charged to run a DEBIT/CREDIT CARD!!!